Popular Stacking Games

StackingGames.net offers you all the online physics based stacking games you could dream of! We have a huge selection of stacking games ranging from the stacking games like Gravity Stacker to Cover Orange 2.

Playing online flash-based physics games is a great way to improve both your memory and your critical thinking skills. These simple games require little more than your keyboard or mouse and are easy to learn. This is particularly true for online stacking games, which can also enhance your dexterity and hand-eye coordination skills. These games typically start out deceptively easy and will quickly increase in difficulty level as you progress. Do not let the simplicity of the game's concept fool you, it won't be long before you find yourself completely stumped, addicted or both. If you wanted to improve your brain skills even more our friends at www.coolmathgames.net can help - check em out!

There are a few online physics games that have impressive animation, sound and graphics that are meant to enhance your game play experience. However, most stacking games have very simple shapes and graphics and can be just as effective at challenging your mind as the fancier looking games. Simplicity is often the foundation of some of the most entertaining stacking games available. Some of the more challenging games involve a combination of fitting shapes in a certain space or pattern with a timer. Having to fit the shapes in a certain order while your time is limited makes the game even more challenging. You will also have to adjust to a game's virtual gravity settings as you grow accustomed to the game play. The virtual gravity controls the speed and direction in which the shapes move during game play.

You will have fun trying a variety of stacking games before you settle on one of your favorites. Keep in mind that nearly all of the online physics games have some type of learning curve that you will need to grow accustomed to before you can score well. Soon you will have a favorite game that stimulates your physical dexterity and your mind at the same time.

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